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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Helping Haiti and Compassion

My heart just breaks for the people of Haiti. The people who have lost everything. Their spouse, their children, parents, homes. Today our pastor spoke about a woman on Fox News who was lying in the street being comforted by other women. The woman had lost her husband, and all five of her children. The poor woman was going out of her mind with grief!

I think sometimes we don't feel the hurt that we probably should feel for our neighbor. Or atleast I know I don't feel their hurt the way I should. Maybe because they are so far away. Since we don't have to see it firsthand, we turn a blind eye. Perhaps it's because they speak a different language and look different from ourselves. Lately God has really been working on me about having compassion for my neighbor. God wants us to care for all his people. Not just the English speaking world. Not just the United States or North America. But the entire population of the world was created in my God's image. The world in its entirety belongs to Him. We, as Christians are called to serve all God's people. ALL. OF. THEM.
I added Compassion's buttons to my blog. One where you can donate to Haiti's disaster relief. The other is about sponsoring a child. If you've never heard of Compassion you need to check them out. They are the real deal. MckMama is going to Kenya with them soon. Kelly from Kelly's Korner just got back from El Salvador. Pioneer Woman's husband Marlboro Man has been on mission with them. So has Big Mama and Boo Mama and Angie from Bring the Rain. You can also check up on Compassion at CharityWatch.Org . That should be enough sources for everyone to be satisfied! It definitely was for us. Here is a snippet about Compassion's integrity, taken from

Charity Navigator, an independent charity review group, has given Compassion its best rating eight years in a row. That places Compassion among the top 1 percent of the thousands of nonprofit charitable organizations it reviews. Compassion is also a good-standing member of the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance.

See? The real deal.

Britt and I have decided to sponsor a child. We've prayed about it for some time. But like I said, God has really been working on me about feeling the suffering of all His children. For instance, almost every morning I wake up thinking about Luke 12:48 " whom much is given, much will be required...." And our pastor is doing a sermon series on being a Selfless Servant. So......Britt and I are trying harder to be the hands and feet of God. We are praying about a child to sponsor. By looking at the Compassion site of children who need sponsors it seems that older boys are the ones who need a sponsor the most. You can choose to see the ones who have been waiting the longest. I did. There are 22 boys who have been waiting for 6 months or more!!! How sad is that?! These sweet faces from all over the world have been waiting for SIX MONTHS for someone to choose to take care of them! I wish I could sponsor them ALL!! We are praying that God will show us which one of these boys he wants us to support.
I know the economy is bad. Heaven knows we know how bad it is! We are in foodservice! You know what the first thing people stop doing in a rough economy?? They stop eating out and start cooking! But to sponsor one of those precious boys is well worth my $38 a month! Think about that $38 dollars. What do we waste $38 on? Going to the movies. For a family of 4, $38 is about what it costs just for movie tickets!!!! $38 is how much we spend on 1 breakfast and 1 lunch at McDonalds. (yes, we eat at McDonalds too!) **actually we go to church with the family that owns our local McDs, and we love them!**
What I'm saying is, for most families, you can find a way to cut $38 out of your budget. And if you go look at some of the blogs I mentioned earlier who have gone on these Compassion blogger trips, you will see your $38 at work!! Children without sponsors have NO chance of making it in this world. No education. No food. No clothing. Nothing. With our sponsorship these sweet children, God's children, can go to school, eat 3 healthy meals a day, and have clothing and shelter and most importantly hear about JESUS!! Matthew 25:40 says "whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."
Go look at the Compassion site. And click through the links of the bloggers I mentioned. Ask yourself if you would help them if they lived next door to you, if they spoke your same language, and looked the same as you. Pray that God will open your hearts to these sweet babies that need our help.
I can't wait to share with you the child that Britt and I are sponsoring!


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